Legal info


General conditions apply to purchasing orders of products/services ("Products") on-line issed on this web site ("Site").

The addressee of on-line sales service (as follows "Client") can be both professional subjects (persons or companies that buy products with business purposes, as follow "Professional subject"), and consumers (in accordance to law nr. 206/2005, persons (adults) who act with purposes not referring to commercial, managerial or professional activity, as follow "Consumer").

Checking the boxes "Agree on Terms and Conditions" and "Agree expressly restrictive clauses" that appear during the on-line purchasing in the section "Orders", the Client accepts all following the General Conditions reported, included the restrictive clauses, fileing these clauses in a lasting support or printing them. If General Terms' acceptance is lacking, it will not be allowed to complete on-line purchasing. Mediagraf S.p.A. reserves the right to  modify General Terms at every moment without any notice. The General Terms' changes will become effective from the publishing day in this section of web site. The Client is, therefore, compelled to consult periodically this section of Site to check any updating. For the site e-commerce conditions and privacy terms, please refer to the sections of Site "E-commerce terms" and "Privacy Policy". Accepting General Terms, the Client gives consent so as all the communications are sent per e-mail. The communication's cost depends on fee applied by internet provider. The Client will be responsible for accuracy about e-mail address and all information filled in the purchasing order or at the opening of the account. For any news relating to General Terms, for any claim or problem relating to purchasing order, please contact Mediagraf S.p.A. - Sales Department - Viale della Navigazione Interna, 89 - 35027 Noventa Padovana (PD) - e-mail - T 049/8991605 -F 04978991501


The Client can buy the products entering in the section "Orders" in the Site. The purchasing order will be automatically sent at the end of the order issue processing in the section "Orders". It will be possible to buy only the products listed in the on-line catalogue in the section "Orders". The right getting of the order will be confirmed by Mediagraf S.p.A. through e-mail sent to address supplied by the Client. The confirmation message, that the Client will have to file on lasting support or to print, will report the legal address of Mediagraf S.p.A., the specifications of the acquired products, the price inclunding additional taxes (for deliveries in Italy), shipping costs and delivery, methods of payment, shipping and delivery, information about after-sale service. The confirmation message will include the tracking order's number useful for any communication with Mediagraf S.p.A. In case the order cannot be processed because of lacking of unavailability of the products, Mediagraf S.p.A., within 30 days from order's receiving, will inform the Client per e-mail and will credit the ammounts already paid.